Tales from Beaver Creek

February 4, 2018

I’m definitely in a fierce battle with WordPress, trying to figure out how to set up a website by making as many mistakes as possible, although I am no doubt sharpening my beginner’s mind in the process.  In fact, my mind is so honed by the start of this now 8 hour combat that I can feel the top of my head expanding like a rather slow volcano to accommodate all the sharpening.  My cat has even nervously left the room.  I glowered and cursed through a few videos, appalled at the apparent high percentage of individuals who have no idea how to speak to a 66 year old about technology.  I should just close up my laptop and go to bed, since it’s past midnight.

And now it’s a lovely misty Sunday, full of waffles, almond butter, and reservations for a park and fly from Portland to Boston. My frustration level has withered overnight and I’m hoping I’m not about to re-engage those wheels that go nowhere. A walk in the woods will help, I have my snow boots on which function really as mud boots here in the soggy coastal rain forest. And there’s always other chores to do, some of which I may even be motivated to take care of. To be continued…

(2 hours later)  The walk was perfect.  I’m all better, even figured out how to post photos on the Gallery page.